Yummy Yummy!

Fruit at Tynemouth Nursery

A healthy active lifestyle is actively encouraged at every setting. Tynemouth Nursery at Church High has fun with lots of lovely fresh fruit.

We all know and understand the importance of teaching our children the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and within each of our settings we encourage the children to participate in activities to promote this. Whether it be running and expressing themselves outdoors or as seen in the photograph enjoying preparing their own fruit salad.

During this activity the children learn all about textures, smells and taste therefore enhancing sensory development, we also discuss where and how the fruits are grown encouraging knowledge and understanding of the world around them and then we focus strongly on how the fruits help us to grow, the benefits of feeling fit and healthy and why this is good for us.

The process rather than the end product is a vital part of the EYFS and by carrying out activities such as this the children develop an excellent understanding of why and how they make healthy choices.