Pre-School Child Care

The Pre-School year is a vibrant time for children, with the excitement and anticipation of moving to their first school, embracing many new opportunities and developing a greater awareness of themselves.

Whilst using the EYFS as the foundation and core of what we do, Tynemouth Nursery Group believes at this young age, children should be given every opportunity possible, to absorb new learning experiences. To meet this aim the nursery provides, stimulating additional activities and resources such as a second language (French or Spanish), further information technology access, home links activities, phonetic awareness and plans organised outings and visits to the farm, sea life centre, fire station and library etc.

We recognise that moving to school is a big transition for the children and we work with them, independently and in groups, to develop confidence, independent thinking and social skills and respect for themselves and others. In doing this we have created a code of conduct which is uniquely ours and includes things such as good table manners and the use of good English.

Our Pre-School pledge and promise to others and ourselves

  • To care and be considerate to others
  • To listen when others are talking
  • To speak politely using good English
  • Tell the truth at all times
  • To use good table manners and eat with etiquette
  • To try our best and achieve to the best of our ability
  • To embrace new challenges
  • To share and take turns

During your child’s pre-school year we introduce home links, this enables us to form further links with you as parents in promoting your child’s learning. Your child will bring home various activities/resources that we will ask you to work with and assist your child in completing, this we feel is an extension of their learning and is designed to incorporate the seven areas of learning within the EYFS. Evidence has shown that during those all-important early years a parent is a child’s main educator and by introducing home links this enhances learning opportunities.

Regular meetings are held throughout the children’s time at Tynemouth Nursery Group however, in the pre-school year an additional meeting is held prior to them starting school. During the meetings we discuss your child’s progress and how they are tracked throughout their time with us to monitor their individual development. It is vital that this information is shared with you as a parent and also with the Reception teacher of the school they will be attending in order for effective learning to continue.

We aim for every child to leave pre-school a confident individual with an excellent ability and hunger to engage in further academic learning.