New Manager has great start!

We are delighted to introduce, Sarah Kirsopp, our new manager at Tynemouth Nursery at North Shields.

Sarah Kirsopp, Manager

Sarah has previously been a Manager at Tynemouth Nursery at TMC and a Deputy at Tynemouth Nursery at Billy Mill.

She had only been in post a short while when Ofsted arrived for a full inspection! Happily Sarah passed with flying colours and led the team through a very good inspection securing a good Ofsted inspection rating.

The report reads very well and we are all proud of the many great comments made by the Ofsted inspector.



These are some of the quotes from the Ofsted report:

“Partnerships with parents are excellent. Parents speak extremely highly of staff. They comment on how much their children have developed in confidence since starting at the setting. Parents feel valued and are provided with a range of ways to contribute to their children’s learning.”

“Children, including those who have special educational needs and/or disabilities, make good progress from what they can do when they first start at the setting. They are well mannered and behave well. Children complete age-appropriate tasks and demonstrate good levels of respect towards one another. For example, they hand out cups before mealtime and say thank you to their friends. Children follow good hygiene practices. They wash their hands before mealtimes and after using the bathroom. Children develop the key skills needed for future learning and the eventual move on to school.”

Needless to say we are delighted with Sarah’s start at the nursery and wish her well in the future!