Learning Book coming soon


We are delighted to announce that very soon we will be introducing ‘Learning Book’ to all of our settings. In order to continue and improve our relationship with Parents/Carers we want to make your child’s learning journey at Nursery something that you can see and participate in as much as you would like. We also believe using Learning Book will make each child’s learning journey more fun and more thorough.

LearningBook gives parents a smart, flexible way to review and interact with their child’s early years education by transforming the link between home and Nursery.

Support your child’s learning

Do you know what your child did today at nursery, or what they’re doing tomorrow? More importantly, do you know how that fits into their learning journey or what milestones they are currently working towards? Parents face enough time constraints as it is, and keeping up to date with your child’s daily progress is not made any easier by limited contact time with their teachers and key workers. You need to be able to follow, review and understand what your son or daughter gets up to at nursery in order for you to give them the right support at home. More often than not nurseries don’t have the tools to enable this.

LearningBook is a complete digital solution for learning journeys where your child’s nursery can record, analyse and share information on their progress.

Paper learning journeys are outdated, impractical and often unavailable to parents, which is why we’ve developed a smarter, safer and more accessible way of capturing and presenting your child’s Early Years progress. LearningBook brings learning journeys to the digital age, providing parents with an electronic version of their child’s learning journey which they can access and engage with at any time. Increased visibility means parents can support the skills their son or daughter is learning at nursery by using the same teaching styles and processes at home when planning fun and educational activities.

With LearningBook, you can:

  • View and comment on observations taken at nursery through the MyLearningBook portal.
  • See how each observation is linked to the EYFS curriculum and what link means.
  • Give extended or overseas family access to view your child’s learning journey.
  • View your child’s overall progress throughout the early years curriculum.
  • Upload your own photos and video media from home activities to enhance your child’s learning record.
  • Access and download activities relevant to your child’s stage of development, created by your child’s nursery.

Get more involved with your child’s education – wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

Don’t miss out on the small things

Even the small steps are a big part of your child’s development, and LearningBook means you don’t miss out on a single part of your child’s learning journey. A permanent electronic copy of your son or daughter’s learning journey can be accessed securely by parents at any time.

“We look at LearningBook together with our daughter, who loves to explain what she is doing in the recorded clips. We can be as involved as we want as it’s always available.” – Yvonne Rushton, Parent

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For more information please go to http://www.learningbook.co.uk/


We will be furnishing you with more information prior to launch.