Self Evaluation that drives outstanding child care

Tynemouth Nursery Group has always prided itself in offering the very best in child care and from the day its first Nursery was opened back in 1999, owners and parents, Kaye and Robert Kilsby, visited numerous nurseries and set about to bench mark and ensure Tynemouth Nursery and Zone4kids offered a premium service that would not only service their needs as Parents but also the many, many parents/carers who have used the nurseries over the last 18 years.

Tynemouth Nursery Group has deservedly earned a brand name and reputation second to none. The numerous references from our parents are our most valuable assets and indeed we are proud that our nurseries are all heavily occupied with ‘word of mouth’ parents.  Read what our parents say about us.

In order to remain in this enviable position and to tie up with the latest OFSTED outstanding criteria introduced in September 2012 Tynemouth Nursery Group modified its values to state, “Providing outstanding childcare in a warm, friendly and homely setting”.

To achieve this in 2012 we set up a team including the Managing Director (1994 North East Businessman of the Year), Childcare Director, Area manager (with specific experience of inspecting early year settings) and Nursery Managers to implement a unique system that would ensure all settings work to an outstanding criteria. Every member of staff has an outstanding file which states what their contribution has to be in order to be outstanding. The files not only embrace the owners’ outstanding requirements but also those of OFSTED.

In the past we have always enjoyed excellent OFSTED reports and due to this the frequency of inspections for most settings is four or more years.