News from Tynemouth Nursery

New Nursery In Jesmond!

We have moved into our new Nursery in Jesmond!!


We have been in Jesmond since 2008 after being invited by Church High School to set up a Tynemouth Nursery at their site in Tankerville Terrace. With the merging of Central High and Church High School new premises had to be located and we are delighted to announce that our new Nursery is next door to the old Nursery in Burdon Terrace.


We are very proud of our new bigger nursery. The building, Haldane House, is one of the most prestigious properties in Jesmond and it has been extensively refurbished whilst retaining all its original features giving it the unique Tynemouth Nursery homely feel.


The rooms have beautiful large windows and high ceilings creating a wonderful atmosphere with natural light in abundance and great views including the lovely garden.


The garden is peaceful yet stimulating with a road track for bikes and scooters, a bird sanctuary, blackboards, pirates ship and an abundance of outside toys so there is always something to do on the frequent visits outside.


Every room is well stocked with age appropriate furnishings and equipment all readily available for children to select as they want.


We are delighted with our new Nursery In Jesmond and if you are interested in seeing more please book a visit on line or phone for more information.


Good Luck England!!!!


A big good luck to England in the 2014 World Cup at Brazil. All the staff and children will be participating in lots of World Cup activities during the next few weeks.
Look out for our very own special England good luck banner at Tynemouth Nursery at Billy Mill.

So lets hope 2014 will be a good year for England!

All the best lads in Brazil!

Chilly Milly

Our Christmas Movie, Chilly Milly, shot on location at Tynemouth Nursery at Jesmond.

Mission Christmas


Throughout the month of December Tynemouth Nursery asked parents to buy one extra present whilst out shopping to support Metro FM’s Steve and Karen’s Mission Christmas Appeal. The response has been fantastic.

Staff were very keen to contribute to this fantastic cause after hearing the radio advert.

Steve and Karen’s Mission Christmas aims to ensure every child in the North East opens a present on Christmas morning.

Nursery Manager Karen Reid explained;

?This is a fantastic appeal and one both myself and my staff team were keen to get involved in. No child should go without on Christmas day and the great generosity of our parents has helped to ensure this does not happen. We are completely overwhelmed by the amount of presents that have been donated and are proud to say we have helped bring a smile to many children’s faces on Christmas day?


Yummy Yummy!

Fruit at Tynemouth Nursery

A healthy active lifestyle is actively encouraged at every setting. Tynemouth Nursery at Church High has fun with lots of lovely fresh fruit.

We all know and understand the importance of teaching our children the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and within each of our settings we encourage the children to participate in activities to promote this. Whether it be running and expressing themselves outdoors or as seen in the photograph enjoying preparing their own fruit salad.

During this activity the children learn all about textures, smells and taste therefore enhancing sensory development, we also discuss where and how the fruits are grown encouraging knowledge and understanding of the world around them and then we focus strongly on how the fruits help us to grow, the benefits of feeling fit and healthy and why this is good for us.

The process rather than the end product is a vital part of the EYFS and by carrying out activities such as this the children develop an excellent understanding of why and how they make healthy choices.